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The ancient art of table setting

Banquets have always been an opportunity to celebrate the joy of meeting. Love is born at the table, friendships are cemented, families rejoin. At the table business is done, diplomatic relations are intertwined, wars are avoided and conflicts are resolved. No wonder that over the centuries the art of making it was cultivated at the highest...
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Ceramics in the world: Moche

One of the most extraordinary examples of ancient ceramics is that which comes to us from the ancient Moche civilization, a flowery society along the north coast of Peru before the advent of the Incas, between 100 and 700 AD. An evolved civilization What we have left of the Moche, an extremely evolved civilization, are...
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Ceramics in the world: Islam

Ceramics has for centuries been one of the great Tuscan excellences, and Italian in general. But this refined and ancient art has always been one of the most practiced human activities in the world. On each continent particular and original techniques of workmanship and decoration have developed, which have led to extraordinary results from the...
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Spiral in art: a universal symbol

One of the most frequently repeated forms in the ceramic art of Antonella Ciapetti is undoubtedly the spiral. An ancient symbol, with multiple meanings. A figure used for millennia in every part of the world, whose meaning sinks into the most archaic religiosity and popular beliefs. The spiral is one of humanity’s most ancient and...
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The ceramics of Montelupo: a flourish of colors

Since prehistoric times Montelupo, in the province of Florence, has combined its name with ceramic art. A tradition that continues today, maintaining the ancient processing techniques. The link between Montelupo Fiorentino and ceramics dates back to the end of the Middle Age. The highest moment of its diffusion can be placed between the fifteenth and...
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Just a handful of clay

The history of ceramics in Italy is closely linked to a particular material: clay, of which our territory is rich. Poor material by definition, able to transform itself, thanks to the skilled hands of the artisans, into a work of art. Crockery, tiles, ornaments, wall coverings, artistic and decorative masterpieces but also stoves and fireplaces:...
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The timeless beauty of handmade ceramics

After our website restyling we’re on-line again! Our products images, our collections and some good news will be soon on-line too! A change of style and usability made to give you more information about our products. Changing and adapting to our time is a nowadays necessity to keep in touch with all the people who...
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