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2018 – About Us (ceramics)

Traditional Ceramics

Among all the arts, ceramics is certainly the one that most enhances the most humble of materials: the simple earth, in all its derivations. The earth, which is the memory of the world. For this reason, the artisan of ceramics has been known since the dawn of time, for over ten thousand years.

Tuscany has given this art some of the best excellences in the field: just think of the ceramics of Impruneta or the Ginori factory in the villa of Doccia, near Florence, founded in 1735 and destined to supply porcelain to the tables of the rulers of all Europe .

The other great school of our region is that of Montelupo, whose origins date back to the sixteenth century. Montelupo ceramics, used for over three centuries by the historic Pharmacy of the Franciscan friars of Santa Maria Novella to preserve medicines and ointments, used in great copy by the noble Florentine families, is the model to which we refer in our traditional collection. In fact, we use as a model the geometric figures taken from the museum of Montelupo, to which we have added other decorations, more related to Chianti and its suggestions, such as lemons, black rooster, olive tree and the traditional landscapes of the territory.

The manufactured goods of Geometrie reflect their link with tradition thanks to continuous research and attention to detail, creating solutions that look to the past, the present and the future.

In the furnishing ceramics, pots, plates, and other objects of common use, we read all the knowledge of this ancient art. They are all unique pieces, manufactured with refined technical execution and are influenced by the best Made in Italy craftsmanship tradition. Each artistic product is a true masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship, conceived and produced in Tuscany.

In objects intended for use in food (plates, cups, cruets, etc.) the part of material that is in contact with the food is strictly free of lead, non-toxic and treated with substances suitable for food use.

Modern Ceramics

The most daring and creative collection at Geometrie, where the works of Antonella Ciapetti are presented. Antonella’s art has a strong symbolic value, achieved through the use of mixed techniques.
Other works see the elements of wood and iron vibrating together with the ceramics, in a synergy of only apparently contrasting materials.

The themes of the contemporary part are recurring, divided only by the choice of red or blue colors.
There are three suggestions: the first is the spiral, which represents the cycle of life. The second is a kind of flower / sun that explodes, suggesting expansion beyond the established boundaries.
The third is the circle, which symbolizes balance, the perfection of simplicity.

If we wanted to unite all of them in a unitary message the symbols in the works of Antonella Ciapetti, one would think of the dream of a life so simple, but also directing towards a continuous expansion, an infinite evolution.

The brilliant enamel of colors, red and blue, sometimes changes the meaning of the symbols represented. Red is the fire of passion, the warmth of the earth. The blue, on the contrary, the ethereal matter of the sky. The same symbols, veered through different colors, lead to different conclusions.

In objects intended for food use (plates, cups, oils, etc.) the part of material that is in contact with the food is strictly free of lead, non-toxic and treated with substances suitable for food use.