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Handmade tuscan ceramics

The timeless beauty of handmade ceramics

After our website restyling we’re on-line again!
Our products images, our collections and some good news will be soon on-line too!
A change of style and usability made to give you more information about our products.

Changing and adapting to our time is a nowadays necessity to keep in touch with all the people who share this passion for craftsmanship with us.
But if this is strictly tied to the concept of media we use to communicate, it is not for our ceramics which, instead, are produced by hand. Always.
Knowing the steps that allow the creation of a craft object, means understanding its value, authenticity and above all, its total beauty.

A technique passed on for generations

Our products are entirely handmade, in all their phases. The artistic techniques used vary according to the shape: turning (as regards the works with vertical trend), molded, cast with the aid of plaster molds.

The clay product is left to dry and the final touches are given to the right hardness. When it is dry it is cooked at around 950 degrees. The processing ends with the decoration and enamelling, performed with different procedures depending on the type of result to be obtained.

Among the ancient techniques handed down, we should not forget the dusting, crucial for the collection linked to the tradition of the school of Montelupo: thanks to a pocked tissue paper placed on the object, it is deposited with the ash that leaves punctate marks on the work. giving reference points to the decorator.

With finished decoration, the work is ready for the second firing, at 900/1000 degrees, which allows the fusion of colors and crystalline: the result is that brilliant effect of color, typical of majolica.