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Ceramics in the world: Moche

One of the most extraordinary examples of ancient ceramics is that which comes to us from the ancient Moche civilization, a flowery society along the north coast of Peru before the advent of the Incas, between 100 and 700 AD.

An evolved civilization

What we have left of the Moche, an extremely evolved civilization, are remains of temples, palaces and cemeteries and, above all, ceramics of an absolutely unique workmanship that can still be admired in some Peruvian museums, like Sipàn and Lambayeque.

The remaining Moche ceramics are mostly statuettes, bottles, amphoras and cups of red, orange or black.

Huacos Eroticos

The themes represented tell the life of the people, hunting, fishing, war, animals, ritual sacrifices, eroticism and love.

Just this last argument, as regards a minimum percentage of the finds, has contributed to the posthumous notoriety of the Moche civilization, thanks to dozens of ceramics depicting an imaginative sexuality called “huacos eroticos”.

Only a few remain as most have been destroyed by the Spanish colonialists and Jesuit priests of the Inquisition in an attempt to erase a free and playful sexuality that horrified them.

A precious document

Still the Moche artifacts are considered among the oldest to explicitly tell the sexual life of a people.

Fortunately, after centuries of oblivion and after so much dust taken in the basements of museums because of their “scandalous” subject, these unique works of art in the world were finally exposed to the public in local museums.

Given the truly explicit nature of these beautiful works of art, we are certain of one thing: even if centuries have passed, if we ever thought of publishing a photo of a Moche pottery on the most famous social network, famous for its “policy” not-so-flexible in the field of nude, would still lead to immediate censorship!

Source: Atlas ObscuraAncient-origins

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