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The ancient art of table setting

Banquets have always been an opportunity to celebrate the joy of meeting. Love is born at the table, friendships are cemented, families rejoin.

At the table business is done, diplomatic relations are intertwined, wars are avoided and conflicts are resolved.

No wonder that over the centuries the art of making it was cultivated at the highest levels.

The exhibition “Convegni e Banchetti” is held until January 6th at the beautiful Stibbert Museum of Florence (which is worth the trip itself) and illustrates with splendid reconstructions the art of table decoration from the Renaissance to the nineteenth century.

From the Renaissance to the Baroque

What kitchen utensils were used? How was the food presented?

To answer these questions, there will be splendid period objects from private collections, especially ceramics, especially porcelain, to reconstruct daily life through the moment of conviviality.

Meals were not just meals, they were gala ceremonies in which the most prominent families competed in an attempt to excel in luxury, taste and originality.

At kings’ table

An exhibition of great interest for those who love ceramics, design, the history of costume.

Perfectly recreated baroque tables, 18th century “French” fixtures, crystals, silverware, teapots, pots, coffee pots, cups, sugar sculptures and Renaissance beliefs will take you back in time.

There will be, of course, an eye to the historical, precious porcelain of the Ginori Manufacture of Doccia, since 1735 on the tables of European aristocracies, present with a serving of plates decorated with gold and platinum belonging to the Savoias and used personally by Frederick Stibbert.

For ceramic lovers it is definitely a very special Florentine event: a nice idea for a weekend in Tuscany!

We are waiting for you!

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