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Our History

Antonella Ciapetti (Florence, 1958) Graduates in 1977 from the Istituto Statale d’Arte per la Ceramica in Sesto Fiorentino (Florence) and obtains a degree as Master of Arts. From 1974 to 1986 attends the bottega of Marcello Fantoni, master of ceramics, alternating these periods of study with travels particularly to India, Greece and the United States.
Back to Italy, in 1984 attends a Gemmology course organised by the Provincia di Firenze and in 1986 opens “Geometrie”, her ceramics laboratory focused mainly on the study of shapes and colors. Three years later she opens a shop in Greve in Chianti (Florence) with the same name. The same year she organises pottery classes open to everybody, especially to disabled children and adolescents. At the beginning of the new millennium she gathers her experience and knowledge and opens the art gallery “Materia Crea”, which is both a gallery and an art shop for high quality art and handcrafts. In this new space Antonella shows her creations, the vases made with the potter’s wheel, the big plates which abandons their everyday function to become objects of shape and color, symbols of the affectionate and vital relationship between the man and the craft itself. In her works fire is essential, as the mean that turns mineral oxides into charming, unexpected colorings (green, turquoise, bright red). These give terra cotta the added value of precious glassy reflections, where the traces of rapid, skilful gestures fuse with the surface, making it alive and communicative. In her sculptures Antonella expresses the deepest animistic aspects of her personality, beyond the aesthetics of the sculpture itself which is used as a mirror to the artist’s inner world. In these works, colors and shapes fuse together charging the sculptures with memories and sensations that only a skilful hand is able to reproduce.
Antonella has taken part to many collective ceramics exhibitions, the last of which was called “Ceramica al Femminile” (Women in Ceramics) and took place in 2003 in Capraia Fiorentina (Florence), during the International Ceramics Fest in Montelupo.

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After all a work of art does not realizes with ideas , but with Hands.